This is a very common question from new entrepreneurs. Existing business owners know that having a good business coach is very important and that this is a much faster and easier way to grow their business.

We, business coaches, are independent. We are not afraid to say the truth whether you like it or not. We see more than you, your friends and your family.

I love life and business coaching. Most of the time the two go together. I listen, motivate, give advice, and coach.

Business coaching is not about doing all the work for you. This is a partnership between the ‘client’ and the coach and it needs to be very individual. We all are different and have different ideas and visions. Before I can start coaching I need to know about you and your business. It is very important to understand your concerns, priorities, and expectations. You must understand that this is hard work with gradual results. I don’t promise overnight success, however I will help you find the best way for you and your business.


Who tends to benefit most from business coaching:


  • Somebody who has an idea to start a business and needs step-by-step guidance to start it.

A lot of people never start a business even if they have an amazing idea just because they are too afraid, they are not too sure what to do, or they don’t know where to start.


  • Somebody who has already started a business and feels overwhelmed.

You started, you think that you know everything, you are very exited, but at some stage you see that you can’t run your business and concentrate on ‘back office’ stuff. One day it all becomes just too much for you, you can’t handle it anymore on your own, you feel that things are going out of control. You feel lost. For you, the best support is a business coach. We will put a plan together to help you make sense of things now and to learn how to manage on your own in the future. You will learn to plan, organise, manage your time and be a doer.


  • Existing business or a seasoned entrepreneur who wants to grow their business.

One day you start feeling that you want something more. You are too busy with our own business. You need to make sure that your business is bringing in profit but you want to work less. There’s not enough work for two, but too much work for one. It’s time to make some changes but you are worried it will land you with more responsibilities.


  • Big business owners, managers, CEOs.

Even someone as experienced as you often needs business coaching. This will provide you with an independent opinion on your business strategy and will help you see what needs to be improved or changed. For people with huge responsibilities motivational and life coaching can be of great benefit, it helps avoid getting overwhelmed and feeling that tasks and demands are getting out of control. Time management sessions play a big role here as there are a lot of things that need to be done. This type of coaching is completely different, it is oriented towards personal development, motivational, and life coaching.


Finally, it is very important for you to know that that we don’t judge, and there are no silly questions. We are here to use our knowledge and experience to help you.


Life, motivational and business coaching is exiting for me. I understand that I can help somebody to change for the better. The more successful Entrepreneurs and businesses the better!


If you feel that you want to know more, contact us to discuss how we can help you.