March – 3rd & 4th

April – 21st & 22nd

May – 12th & 13th


2 online Skills practice sessions
March 20th 7-8pm
May 2nd 7-8pm

CoachAcademy PLUS
Certificate in
Foundational NLP SKILLS

40 hour programme
27 contact hours
3 hours precourse reading
10 hours practice


Abbey Court Hotel


Friday evening 6.30-9pm
Saturday 9am-3.30pm

Special B&B Rate €89
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What will I learn in this programme?

  • Further developing rapport skills that promotes a deep sense of connection
  • Develop deep insights into the way we communicate, learn and approach change and develop
  • Learn how the mind shapes our reality and interprets meaning
  • Observe changes in a person’s physiology to understand them better.
  • Become more confident in supporting and influencing people
  • Develop insights to how you think and create your results and what blocks you
  • Understand how to initiate and facilitate effective and impactful change for yourself and those you coach and lead
  • Acquire techniques to master your emotional and mental states
  • Understand how to break habits and unhelpful behaviour pattern
  • Improved team management through efficient communication among the members
  • The history, study, structure and presuppositions of NLP.

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SPECIAL RATE €525 until 2nd of February
the price rises for everyone to €590 from Feb 3rd

Includes training materials, lunch and refreshments